Kidney Stone Nutritional Support

Standard Process recommendations

Only to be used in conjunction with conservative and standard medical care for kidney stones.

The order is of priority, meaning that the first supplement on the list is the most important.

Information is sourced from the Standard Process practitioners guide. The recommended amounts should be brought to your practitioner.  The number next to the supplement name is the recommended dose for kidney stones.  Check with your medical provider prior to taking and check all ingredients against your medications, allergies, or health conditions. 

Phosfood Liquid (40 drops):  Indications for use are parasympathetic nervous system dominance, hypothyroidism, calcium carbonate deposits, joint stiffness, bursitis, excessive secretions, gout, osteoarthritis, migraine headaches, elevated blood viscosity, tarter accumulation, kidney stones. 

Excess dental tartar levels are a classic sign of phosphorous deficiency. 

This ortho-phosphoric acid with inositol normalizes the calcium/phosphorous ration (10:4), lowers blood viscosity. It provides Sympathetic Nervous System support. 

Phosphorous must be in balance with calcium in the body.  If it's in your bones, it is called arthritis. If in your eyes, it is cataracts.  A phosphorous product that does not contain calcium so appropriate balance can be created. 

Excess phosphorous could lead to tooth erosion or cavities. In this case, it means that there isn't enough calcium to support the phosphorous. 

Arginex (9):  Indications are kidney overload, urinary tract infection, high uric acid levels (gout, edema, renal hypertension, uremia, toxemia, eclampsia). Arginex helps detoxify the kidneys.  The kidneys are a main organ for removing toxins from the body, so supporting them is important for overall health. 

Cataplex ACP (9): Indications include inflammation, air hunger, chronic or repeating infections. Supports the health of connective tissues.

Magnesium Lactate (3): Indications include kidney stones, mitral valve prolapse, heart rhythm problems, excessive sweating.  This form of magnesium is supportive of the neuromuscular system, the cardiovascular system, and the central nervous system. 

Renatrophin PMG (1): Indications are any weakness of the kidneys.

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