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Why should I be using custom orthotics?

Orthotics offer quality-of-life improvement for anyone, young, old, athletic or otherwise. They can help improve pain, posture, balance and physical performance in all aspects of life. They help prevent or treat low back pain, hip pain, knee pain and neck pain, and are one of the best ways to deal with foot conditions such as bunions, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. For more information click here.

Why shouldn't I use over-the-counter orthotics?

Over-the-counter orthotics offer initial comfort and visual appeal—super soft, fancy blue gel, etc.—but they are not necessarily beneficial or lasting. When it comes to your health, we believe that nothing short of custom-made will do. Foot Levelers crafts custom-made orthotics based on scans made by a high-tech 3D scanner with pinpoint accuracy to protect you, not the masses, using materials especially selected to suit your needs.  For more information click here.

How do I start using Foot Levelers?
It’s really simple! If you’re a patient, start by finding a healthcare professional who works with us by calling 800.553.4860. 

What process is used to capture information about my feet?

Our experienced technicians craft your orthotics based on foam impressions or 3D images. These images are produced using the 3D BodyView® imaging device, which uses the laser triangulation technique, one of the most accurate measurement techniques available. This helps ensure your orthotics fit perfectly to your feet.

Why is InMotion® the most popular custom-made functional orthotic?
InMotion isn’t called the Performance Edge for no reason. It’s a top-of-the-line product made with the best of our innovative laboratory: silver, Celliant® and the 3 Arch Advantage™, a combination that sets InMotion apart. The top cover is infused with silver to control odors and made with Celliant to increase tissue oxygen by up to 10.2% in active patients, thereby increasing strength and stamina. The 3 Arch Advantage is the special orientation of corrections that bolsters and maintains the plantar vault and improves balance, posture and physical performance. All three of these aspects combine to make the InMotion the best custom orthotic on the market.

How do I choose the proper functional orthotic?
Consult your doctor and let him or her know what kind of activities you will be engaged in while wearing them. Your doctor will help determine what’s best for you, whether it’s the popular InMotion orthotic to suit your on-the-go lifestyle, or the pumped up XP3® to fit inside your athletic shoes and get you in the game.

Will one pair of functional orthotics fit all styles of shoes?
Our functional orthotics are custom-made to help maintain your doctor’s adjustments and keep you supported. Each type of orthotic—Premium, Intense, Moderate, etc.—is designed to provide an optimal amount of support for a particular activity, so wearing one type for multiple occasions can compromise their intended support and structural integrity. For instance, wearing a luxury top in your running shoes will not only wear down the material rapidly, since it wasn’t designed for that kind of activity, but it will also slip more easily because it is crafted using leather. That's why we recommend multiple pairs for your multiple shoes and activities.

Why do I need to trim my orthotics?
Orthotics are crafted separate from your shoes, unless you’ve invested in Shoethotics® or Sandalthotics®. Because all shoes are made differently, you may need to trim down the toe end of the orthotic so that it matches the liner your shoe came with; otherwise, the orthotic may not fit properly. The best way to do this is to place the liner on top of the orthotic and trim any overlap off the orthotic. This way, the orthotic fits just as the liner did: perfectly inside the shoe.

Why is the 45-day break-in period important?

It can take some time for a new pair of custom orthotics to conform to your feet and for your body to adjust to proper, healthy support. If you haven’t worn orthotics in the past, your feet need to adapt to the unique corrections to maintain the integrity of your plantar vault—the three arches in your feet that help keep your body in balance. If you don’t give it 45 days and follow the 45-day break-in procedures, you may not be able to experience the full benefits of using orthotics.

How often should I get a new pair of functional orthotics?

Orthotics are guaranteed for an entire year, but are built to last for two. Foot Levelers recommends a new pair every two years, but more active patients may require replacements more frequently.

How do I care for my functional orthotics?

Keep your orthotics dry (unless they are Aquaguard™ custom orthotics, designed specifically to withstand moisture). If your orthotics are too long for your shoes, don't worry: trim them carefully by using the original shoe liner as a stencil and cutting around it. Both water damage and mis-trimmings are not covered by the warranty, so please be careful. Take them out of your shoes to “breathe” at the end of every day. It’s best to have multiple pairs of orthotics for support in every pair of shoe, and for every activity.

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