Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive method for assessing your overall health and identifying the root causes of any health issues you may be experiencing. It focuses on using natural, nutritional interventions to help your body restore and maintain optimal health.


While Nutrition Response Testing is a precise and scientific approach, it may seem unfamiliar if you haven't encountered it before. Unlike traditional medical practice, which involves diagnosing and treating diseases with drugs or surgery, Nutrition Response Testing operates on a different principle.

The Process of Analysis In Nutrition Response Testing, practitioners analyze specific areas on the body's surface that correspond to the health status and energy flow of various organs and functions within the body. This analysis is based on the nervous system's regulation of these organs.

Each responsive area corresponds to a particular organ, tissue, or function, and it indicates whether there is an excess or deficiency of energy in that area. The practitioner assesses these areas by manually contacting them, without the use of electrodes, while simultaneously testing the strength of a muscle in your extended arm. If an area is "active," it will cause a temporary weakness in the arm muscle, indicating underlying stress or dysfunction that may be impacting your health.

Personalized Health Improvement Program Once areas of concern, such as the liver or kidney, are identified, the next step is to test specific nutritional supplements against these weak areas. This process helps determine which supplements can restore strength to the affected organs or functions.

Upon finding the appropriate nutritional supplements, a customized supplement schedule is created based on your body's specific needs. This step addresses the underlying deficiency or imbalance that initially caused the affected area to become active.

By following this program diligently, you can gradually restore normal function and improve your overall health.

Understanding Designed Clinical Nutrition "Designed Clinical Nutrition" is a term used to describe nutrition plans specifically prepared based on a unique plan for individual patients. These plans are developed through years of clinical practice, catering to the needs of a broad range of patients.

The Importance of Whole Foods Designed Clinical Nutrition primarily relies on whole foods, which are concentrated into tablet, capsule, or powder forms using a special manufacturing process that preserves their natural enzymes and essential components. These supplements are designed to meet the body's needs, as determined by the positive responses observed during Nutrition Response Testing. They address nutrient deficiencies that are often not adequately addressed by the typical modern diet.

In contrast, over-the-counter vitamins are often synthetic and chemically engineered, lacking the complexity and effectiveness of whole food supplements. These synthetic supplements are not suitable substitutes for designed clinical nutrition, as they cannot correct imbalances in the same way.

The Role of Live Food The vitality and energy your body derives come from live food. Unfortunately, many foods available today are processed and devoid of essential nutrients. Designed Clinical Nutrition, coupled with a diet of real, whole foods, can make a significant difference in your health compared to consuming processed or synthetic substitutes.

Technology Behind Nutrition Response Testing Through the analysis of your body's organs and areas, Nutrition Response Testing helps determine the precise nutrients your body requires to achieve balance and improved health. These concentrated therapeutic formulations are available as supplements in various forms, including tablets, capsules, or powders, to complement your existing diet.

In some cases, dietary and lifestyle changes may also be recommended to further support your health goals. Nutrition Response Testing has a proven track record, having been refined through extensive clinical use on a diverse range of patients, making it a reliable method for addressing various health concerns.

Individualized Care Each patient receives a completely tailored program, as no two cases are identical. Much like opening a combination lock, following the correct sequence as determined by Nutrition Response Testing is essential for success, even in complex cases. This approach ensures that your unique health concerns are properly addressed and resolved over time.

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