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Our Fees and Prices

Our fees and prices are standard, however, what you need will vary from someone else, so we include “package pricing” to support you in getting your health on track.

Our fees are transparent, as they should be.  To support you in getting your health on track, we do offer program discounts when you are getting started with our Quantum Response Testing program.

Once you have jump started your health, the programs are available “ala carte” or as stand alone service. 

None of our services are covered by insurance, however if you are a member of a Christian Health Share account, we are able to complete forms for you so you are able to get reimbursed for visits and nutritional supplements.

Pricing is not available for nutritional supplements or functional medicine tests, because there are hundreds of them and what you specifically need will differ from what others need.

Pricing is available for New Client Deposit, Functional Medicine, Quantum Response Testing (and QRT Starter Packages or Maintenance), and Detoxification Footbaths.


A $100 deposit is required for your initial consultation.  

The deposit goes toward the full consultation fee.

It is fully refundable if you cancel or reschedule within 72 business hours (Monday-Friday)

Functional Medicine 

Functional Medicine Cnsult $497

Package of Three Functional Medicine Consults $1297 

Functional Medicine Tests vary from test to test and are independent of the consultations.

Quantum Response Testing

Quantum Response Testing Initial Health Analysis

 (This includes initial consultation, Quantum Response Testing and Report of Findings)

$997 New office special: $347

Follow-up office calls (generally 5 minutes or less) - see below for Wellness packages and discounts.

$85 (doctor)

$58 (practitioner)

Extended visits - per 5 minutes

$40 (doctor)

$30 (practitioner)

Detox Foot Baths


EMBeR (Emotional and Mental Balancing and Repatterning) - per half hour


Functional Medicine Report Review and Recommendations 


Mastering Longevity Lifetime Access


Mastering Longevity Lifetime Access with  Individualized Support


DNA Test - functional and nutritional DNA test with recommendations


**Generally the average cost of a nutritional supplements will run between $150.00 and $600.00 per month during Phases 1 and 2.  Less for maintenance, depending on age, diet, daily exercise, and spiritual practices. Each case is different and is managed individually. Rule of thumb: the better your lifestyle choices and the more you utilize the foot detox, the less supplements you need to take.

*Prices subject to change

Quantum Response Testing Starter Packages

Individualized Starter Packages support you in jump-starting the first three to nine months of your health recovery by offering a variety of services and tools with a 25% to 75% discount off regular prices. 

Recommendations are based on your goals and the findings during your intake.

Quantum Response Testing Starter Package 30 Day Guarantee.
If for any reason you or your doctor/practitioner find that the Quantum Response Testing program is inappropriate for you, you will be able to stop the program within the first thirty days of your first appointment, and get a full refund of any services that you have not used.  Any online courses that you have accessed are non-refundable at the full price due to the digital nature of the program.  There are no refunds after thirty days. We are here to support you and help you on your health journey and are here to help you as you jump in with both feet!

Quantum Response Testing
Maintenance and Wellness Packages

Maintenance and Wellness is best for most people who are on maintenance or have completed your three-month package. 

Per Visit

$85 per visit.

Maintenance Package (Save $170)


Purchase 10 visits and get two for free. (non refundable after one month.)

Maintenance Package for Seniors at 10% discount (Save $255)


Purchase 10 visits and get two for free. (non refundable after one month.)

Family Plan

Family members are expected to come in at the same time.  

1st member full price, 2nd member half off, 3rd and more members $20. Participating members are expected to come in at the same time. 

Per visit:

$127.50 two family members

$147.50 three family members

$167.50 four family members

Automatic payments are recommended  2 visits per month for a package of 12 to cover any unexpected visits over a 12 month period.

Detox Footbath

Per Visit

$57per visit.

Purchase 10 visits and get two for free. (non refundable after one month.)


Recommended 12 initial in office visits. If you likely need continual footbaths, then purchasing your own may be in your best interest. 

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