Detoxification Therapies and Techniques

We are committed to providing our patients exceptional natural services and chiropractic wellness care at Natural Health Wins in Carbondale, IL, or Ballwin, St. Louis, MO. We strive to work with each patient to apply a course of treatment or care to assist with lifestyle goals. From chiropractic care to toxin detox services, we can help.


Detoxification therapies and techniques aim to rid the body of toxins and promote overall health and well-being. While the body has natural detoxification processes involving the liver, kidneys, and other organs, others explore additional methods to support these processes. We must approach detoxification with our healthcare professionals because some programs or techniques may not be effective for everyone.

Detox Services We Provide

Detox services refer to programs or treatments designed to help individuals safely and effectively rid their bodies of toxins. The goal of detox services is to manage withdrawal symptoms, ensure the safety of individuals undergoing detox, and prepare them for further addiction treatment and recovery. We are committed to providing the residents in the area with various treatment options, including the following:

Ionic Footbaths

Ionic footbaths are alternative wellness treatments that detoxify the body by drawing out impurities through the feet. These footbaths can remove toxins, improve energy levels, and enhance overall health.

Vaccine Detox

Vaccine detox is used in some alternative and complementary health circles. It refers to practices or interventions to help the body eliminate potential toxins or adverse effects associated with vaccines. This treatment is excellent for numerous patients exposed to medications and substances from the environment that impact their health and well-being.

Nutrition Detox

This detox involves making dietary changes to support the body's natural detoxification processes. Common dietary detox strategies include consuming more fruits and vegetables, reducing processed foods, and increasing water intake.

What to Expect

When you choose to undergo treatment at our clinic, you can expect to get personalized attention to your condition and medical history. We carefully assess your situation and an in-depth analysis of your lifestyle factors and personal habits for other treatments and services. The goal is to safely and effectively provide treatments that alleviate negative symptoms and hinder your daily life. We will offer a personalized course of treatment and monitor your progress throughout time to adjust your services as necessary.

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Natural Health Wins in Carbondale, IL, or Ballwin, St. Louis, MO, can answer questions and give you more details about the services we offer at our locations. We provide information regarding payment, insurance, services, conditions we treat, and new patient intake information. We proudly offer the best services for patients who need a better way to get results and relief from developing and ongoing conditions. Call us at Carbondale (618) 351-9364 or Ballwin, St. Louis (636) 736-6426 to schedule an appointment.

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